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As part of my job as a lifeguard, my coworkers and I must clean the locker rooms after the last person has left at closing. This occurs during the last two weeks of the summer, when many of our workers have returned to college. Due to being short-staffed, we have reduced the hours of the park for the last two weeks. We have put up signs stating this EVERYWHERE, and have made announcements about it over the PA no less than seven times in the hour before closing. When we close, the locker rooms close as well, meaning patrons must be walking out of the park at that time. At closing time on this day, there are still many people refusing to even exit the water. Once we get them out of the pools, they proceed to go into the locker rooms and start showering. I am told to go in and start telling people to leave.

Me: Excuse me, but the park has been closed for fifteen minutes now. Please start collecting your things so that you can exit the park.

Woman: How dare you?! I had no idea you guys were closing early, and now you won’t even let me shower?

Me: I’m sorry, ma’am, but there were signs posted all over the park, and we made several announcements. I need you to start finishing up.

Woman: I got no notice whatsoever that you had changed your hours. You need to put up signs or make an announcement or something.

Me: Well, ma’am, like I just said, we posted signs all over the park and made several announcements. Please finish your shower.

Woman: (makes no move to finish up) I will have you know that I came from (city a few hours from here) and I was expecting a full day! You need to tell your managers to put up signs or something!

Me: But…

Me: …

Me: I’ll go do that right now…

I went into the main office and told my managers that the woman wanted more signs.

Manager: Where, on our faces?!

I later found out that the woman continued to complain for a good ten more minutes about how there had been no signs. The last person left the park after a half hour, making me stay to clean until an hour and a half after closing!

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