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, | Unfiltered | February 3, 2019

*custustomer orders a chicken sandwich combo with fries and coke*

I give him his coke and turn around to go make his sandwich. As I’m walking away I begin to hear a clinking noise. I turn around and see this guy with his crusty old hand stuck into his cup, grabbing the ice cubes and throwing them over the counter. I ask him to stop because… Really?!?! And he begins shouting “No ice! No ice! No ice!”

I tell him that this is just plain unsanitary, and he knocks his coke over, spilling it everywhere and demands another one with no ice.
I give it to him, and he seems to be controlling his temper, so I make his sandwich and he snatches it out of my hand and walks out.
Two minutes later I hear a familiar voice shouting “not sandwich!”
I go over and ask him what’s wrong, but he just points at a half eaten sandwich and shouts “not sandwich!”
I tell him it is a sandwich, but he shakes his head at me,so I ask him what he thought a sandwich was. He threw the sandwich at me and left.