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(I’m working the returns desk when an older lady approached with a two-movie box set on blu-ray.
Note: due to federal copyright laws, any OPENED movies/music/games/etc can only be exchanged for the SAME EXACT thing, no returns, no exchanging for a different movie/music/game)
Older lady: I need to return this, it won’t play.
Me: Alright, but the only thing I can do is exchange it for the same thing.
OL: Yes, yes, that’s what I want! My grandson wants THIS set, he is so excited!

She goes and gets a new box, we do the exchange, she leaves happy.
The next day she is back…same problem…and has apparently already been in once before my shift with the same issue.
OL: It just won’t play! I’d think it was the player, but all our other DVDs work.
Me (lightbulb goes off): ….ma’am, do you have a DVD player, or a blu-ray player?
OL: What? I don’t know….does it matter?
Me: Yes ma’am…these are Blu-ray Discs…they won’t play on a DVD player…would you want to, maybe, call your grandson and ask if he is using a DVD player or a blu-Ray?

Long story short, they did NOT have a blu-ray player. We were able to exchange it for DVD and she left happy.

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