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(I work at the create your own pizza counter. We have a selection of pre-prepared pizzas on the counters, as well as making them to order with up to four toppings. One of our popular pizzas – a limited edition that we still make on request – is the Garlic Chicken, which has a garlic and herb spread instead of tomato sauce and is topped with chicken, mushroom and red onion. On this day, a girl came up to the counter.)
Me: Hi, there, what can I get for you?
Customer: I’d like a ten inch thin and crispy with garlic chicken.
Me: *double-checking as I spread the garlic and herb* Is that just garlic spread with chicken or the garlic chicken pizza?
(I did this because often the customers will ask for something like “barbecue chicken and bacon”, meaning barbecue sauce with chicken and bacon, but we also serve a BBQ Chicken & Bacon pizza which also has peppers and sweetcorn. It saves on the confusion.)
Customer: *thinks for a moment* The garlic chicken pizza.
Me: *puts cheese over the spread and moves to get the mushrooms*
Customer: Oh! But no mushroom!
Me: Would you like to double-up the chicken and onion, then, since you only have two toppings?
Customer: No onion either.
Me: Sooo… Just the chicken and garlic, then?
Customer: *with a completely straight face* Yes.
(I told this to a customer just last week when she order the garlic chicken pizza. She told me “life’s easier when there are no customers”. She and my co-worker and I had a great chat about life in customer service while I made her pizzas. Having read the stories on this site: I agree.)