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I often do demos of espresso machines where I work, this day is just like any other and I’m about to make a woman a sample when I have a seizure. I’m epileptic so it happens but rarely. My manager runs over and starts to take care of things, 911 is called. This woman starts telling the EMTs when they arrive that she knew what to do and helped me fall and stopped me from hitting my head and pretty much just making up a big story about how she’s the hero of the tale … my manager goes in the ambulance with me while the floor lead stays to take care of customers … our lovely female friend stands near the counter tapping her foot and looking impatient while the lead tries to deal with a backlog of customers. When she finally gets a breath the woman decides to complain …

Woman : Are you going to make me my coffee sample or not, she never made it.

The wonders of people’s self importance.

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