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, | Unfiltered | January 29, 2019

(I have given my two weeks notice because I’m moving soon, and it’s the last day of it today. I’m feeling pretty good because it’s my last day, and I’m working with my coworker.)

Guest: “How do you connect to the internet?”

Me: *goes through the steps*

Guest: “I TRIED, but it just won’t connect! I think something’s bad with your internet!”

Me: “Maybe something’s bad with your computer.”

Guest: “How dare you! This is my son’s computer, and he has the very latest model! You have a bad attitude.”

Me: “Maybe it’s YOUR attitude that’s bad.”

Guest: *gasps* “What is your name? I’ll complain to your manager! I’ll get you fired!”

Me: “Go ahead, it’s my last day here. I’d like to see that!” *laughs*

Coworker: “Ma’am our internet is working just fine. See? On my tablet? It’s working.”

(The customer complained anyway, even though the problem was found to be that she didn’t turn on her wifi on. And I got an excellent reference from the manager.)