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I answer phones and make  service appointments for our customers. A woman calls to ask about a recall that she didn’t think she had done. It had in fact been performed the year before.

Me: “I’m running your VIN now….yeah, it looks like you had it done last year in April.”
Her: “I did? Can you tell me the exact date?”
(I tell her the month, day, year)
Her: “But I don’t remember that. Why would I just bring my car in for a recall? I mean, I usually get an oil change, too.”
Me: “I’m looking at your history, and it looks like you only had the recall performed.”
Her: “That is so weird. Like, I don’t remember that. I’m not sure it was actually done. I mean, I have all the paperwork from all of my services. I don’t have anything for that recall.”
Me: “We do have a program that has copies of everyone’s paperwork; I can send you a copy of your paperwork if you’d like.”
Her: “Okay, that’d be great!”

I go into the program and find her paperwork. There are three different copies; accounting, the service, and the customer. We’re only allowed to send out the customer copies to the customers. I tell her the paperwork is on file, and she still doesn’t believe me, even though she says, “I’m not accusing you of lying, but I just don’t remember having this done.” After pulling up the paperwork I e-mail her paperwork to her, and I stay on the phone to make sure she gets it.

Her: “But there’s no signature on this!”
Me: “Well a signature’s not required on the customer copy, ma’am. But I am looking at the files we have here and there’s definitely a signature.”
Her: “Can you send me that copy?”
Me: “I’m sorry, but we can’t send out copies other than the customer copy to our customer.”
Her: “Oh. Okay. Well….can you….describe…the signature to me?”
Me: (slightly taken aback at such a bizarre request) “Uhh….well, the first letter looks like a ‘Y’…then a star…”
Her: “Yep. That’s definitely me. Wow, how weird is that?! I guess I just can’t keep these things straight! Have a good day!”
Me: “You too!”

She then called back later to complain about previous service done and how she thought the technician’s were ‘cutting corners’ because she felt the inspections were not thorough enough.

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