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(I’m at a place I used to work at, before moving out of state. I’ve since dyed my hair pink and had a child, who I’m holding while talking to the manager. I see a customer waiting, so I step aside.)
Customer: I want to make a complaint!
Manager: Alright, what’s the problem?
Customer: SHE *points to me* is walking around with some kid she had while out partying and is encouraging other teens to get knocked up! And just look at her! She’ll rob you blind if you’re not careful!
Manager: Sir, I’m sorry, but I’m not going to ask her to leave.
Customer: WHY NOT???
Manager: For one, she had her baby after she finished high school. Second, she’s hardly even talked to anyone besides staff since she walked in. Third, she’s dyed her hair pink for personal reasons, and I really doubt she’d think of stealing.
Customer: How do you know? I bet you’re covering for her!
(By now, I’m torn between laughing and punching the man. I speak up before the manager can.)
Me: Because I used to work here, and talked to her after I moved.
(The customer glares at me and walks away. The manager and I laugh about it for a minute.)
Manager: So, before you steal half of our inventory, what can I get you?

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