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I am working the front counter at a popular Mexican fast food restaurant. Our phone line has been down for the past week and a half for repairs.

Customer: I need to speak with a manager!

Me: I will get a manager for you, however before I do so, will you explain the issue to me? I might be able to help you.

Customer: I came through the drive-thru here two days ago and my wife’s order was wrong! I want it replaced for free and I want a refund.

Me: Do you have the receipt?

Customer: No, I called you yesterday and your manager said I could get it replaced with a full refund!

Me: Sir, our phones are being repaired, they haven’t been working all week. You couldn’t  have called yesterday.

Customer: You don’t know anything, I need to speak with your manager! And I’m friends with the owner, I’m going to tell him what s****y service you gave and have you fired.

(I know the owner of the franchise, he is a great guy and I know he would understand the situation)

Me: You go ahead and do that sir. I’ll get my manager.

My manager explains to him that he couldn’t have called us and that he would not be getting a refund or replacement without the receipt. The customer called her a b***h and left.