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(I work in a bookstore with a cafe in it. The store is closing, so the gates on the windows are down and the chairs in he cafe area are put up. I’ve just rung up my last customer of the day when I notice it’s 5, our official close time, and there are customers in the cafe still. Since my coworkers and manager are busy I head over to let them know we’re closed. The first customer is getting ready to leave so I head over to the last two customers, sitting at the only table where the chairs haven’t been put up.)

Me: Sorry guys, the store is closed now.

Customer:  Aw, really? Is that area over there still open?

(points in the direction I just came from, where the other customer is in the process of leaving and the tables all have their chairs up as well. I’m momentarily speechless)

Me: No, no the WHOLE store is closed now, we close at 5 on Fridays.

Customer: Aw, okay.

Me: *walks away bewildered*

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