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(I’m working as a cashier at a store on a military base, and when the front check out is not busy we are able to process returns and exchanges.)
Customer: Can I do a return up here instead of going to customer service?
Me: Yes, I just need your receipt.
(Looks at receipt and notices that all she bought was a pregnancy test.)
Me: Ma’am if the pregnancy test is opened I’m afraid you are not allowed to return it.
Customer: But the test did not work, and I want my money back.
Me: What do you mean the test did not work?
Customer: It just did not work.
(She keeps repeating that for the next minute or so.)
Me: Well if the test did not work you will have to contact the manufacture because we are not able to take a used test back.
(At this point she gets very mad at me, and starts yelling for me to get a manager. It takes a few minutes for a manager to come up to the registers.)
Manger: What seems to be the problem ma’am?
Customer: The cashier is telling me that you guys will not let me return a pregnancy test.
(He goes on to explain that because the test is used we will not be able to refund it and she needs to contact the manufacture. By this time the store manager who has been watching all of this from the security office calls my register, and tells us that we have to refund her money. That is when I knew I had to start looking for another job.)

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