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(I work in a retail store with some confusing signage. Most customers who ask about prices understand once you explain that they need to check the tag instead of assuming the price matches the sign. One customer I am checking out at the register did not understand.)
Me: Okay, you’re total is $19.95 today.
Customer: You overcharged me.
Me: The tag says $19.95, and that is what my computer is telling me.
Customer: Well the sign said $9.95.
Me: Oh, unfortunately the sign was referencing the $9.95 crop tops. This shirt is $19.95.
Customer: But the sign said $9.95.
Me: Actually it says ‘select items starting at’ and this particular item is not that price.
(The customer continues to argue with me until we go to the actual sign and I show them where it says ‘select items starting at)
Customer: Well that’s false advertising! I want to see a manager.

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