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(I work as a party host for children. I’m a nineteen year old girl, and this conversation comes up frequently. However, this one takes the cake!)

Two ten year old boys (While I was cutting the cake): You have to kiss the closest boy!
Me: Nope. That’s illegal.
Them: No it isn’t.
Me: Yup. It violates my Blue Card. I’m not allowed to kiss anyone under the age of eighteen.
*Father of kids confirms this*
Them: Well, he’s over eighteen, could you kiss him? *indicating the dad*
Dad: I think my wife would disagree.
Me: And my boyfriend would too.
*One boy loses interest. The other is quiet for a few minutes.*
Boy: You have a boyfriend?
Me: Yes…
Boy: When are you going to marry him?
*Said at the same time*
Me: Not anytime soon, trust me!
Dad: Jeez, let the girl graduate uni first!

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