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(I’m handling customer service for a non-profit’s eCommerce Division.  We have two departments, one for books and one for other products, sold on an exclusive website for this nonprofit.  I’m acting manager while my boss is on vacation.

Me: Good afternoon, this is (name), how can I help you?

Customer: (Loud, rushed, and frazzled) Ineedyoutocanceltheorderforthatwii.

Me: (not understanding at all) I’m sorry?

Customer: The wii.  I need you to cancel it.

Me: All right.  What’s the order number, so I can pull up the listing?

Customer: Order number?  Hang on, let me get my email.  Hold the phone.

Me: Sure thing.

Customer: Hold the phone.  Hold the phone.  Hold the phone, please.  Are you there?  Can you hold the phone?  I’m getting my email.  Hold the phone.  Hold please.  Please hold the phone.

Me: Take your time

Customer: Order number.  Hold the phone (phone beeps as she navigates the web browser) Hold the phone.  Are you there?

Me: Yes ma’am.

Customer: Hold the phone. Okay it’s (order number that doesn’t register with our system.)

Me: Alright, I don’t see that order coming up. Can you verify your email?

Customer: What? Email?  It’s (email).

Me: I don’t see an account under that name.  Are you sure it’s a (non-profit eCommerce site) order?

Customer: What?  What’s that?  No, it’s an (popular online shopping site) order!

Me: I’m afraid you may have called the wrong business, ma’am.  This is (non-profit), we don’t sell Wii’s on (popular online shopping site).

Customer: What? (hangs up)

Me: Okay then.

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