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me: that will be 15,99 please,
customer: what about my discount?
me: 15,99 is the discount price, the normal price is 19 euros.
customer: not its not! it says on the price tag that it is 15,99! i want my discount!
me: that is the discount price sir, we replace the normal price with the discount price when there is a sale.
customer: so what? give me the discount!!
me: sorry, i cant
customer: then let me speak to your manager!
me:sure * gets the manager*
manager: whats the problem?
customer: this guy doesnt give me my discount! i want my discount!
manager: but sir, this is the discount price, we cant put a discount on a discount
customer: then if i dont get my discount, i wont buy it!
manager: okay sir, have a nice day.
customer: i will never come here again! *walks off*
manager to me: i hope he keeps his promise.

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