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Our web team received this email from a customer today. The best and weirdest part is that the product he is asking for is easily available on our website and in our catalog.

To Whom It May Concern:

I have tried three times over the past nine months to order (Specialized Product Name) for one of my (DIY hobby) projects.  When by phone, the young lady will tell me she will get back to me, but never does.

Do you still serve white American military veterans/citizens, who have a retirement hobby?  I understand that several Islamic power brokers in the United States are presently attempting to shut down service to certain American citizen-demographics.  Is this true?

If you will accept an order from me, is it possible to speak with someone who can give me an intelligent answer?

I’m getting tired of the answer, “I don’t know but, I could call you back!”

Respectfully submitted,
Customer’s Full Name

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