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(I am working one of the front desks, checking in patients and answering questions. A girl who barely looks sixteen, but is holding car keys approaches the desk.)
Me: “Hi, are you here for an appointment?”
Teen girl: “No, my aunt told me to make her an appointment with you.” (she hands me a sheet of information about her aunt. (Neither the name, address, or phone number come up in the system.)
Me: “Hm. Okay, do you know which doctor she usually sees?”
Teen girl: “Um, I don’t think so.”
Me: (figuring I can narrow it down) “That’s not a problem. Did she say what she needs an appointment for? What’s been bothering her?”
Teen girl: “She said she wants to see her doctor because her veins are too close together or something.”
Me: (perplexed, still trying to get a firm answer) “Has she been diagnosed by a different doctor? Does she have a prescription or anything to help her? Like a cane or orthotic shoes?”
Teen girl: “I guess, it’s not like, pills but she wears special socks for it.”
Me: (putting the pieces together) “Okay, so she needs to see someone about the veins in her legs? We have a lab downstairs that’s just for issues like hers, or there are the primary care doctors on this floor for general appointments.” (I begin to reach for a printout of our primary care staff, but she interrupts me)
Teen girl: “No, no she said she has to see a special vein doctor. She told me she only wanted to come back here because a woman doctor was in charge. My aunt doesn’t trust man doctors, I dunno, she’s old so she doesn’t like anyone.”
Me: (lightbulb goes on, there is only one female doctor in our lab, the other females being lab technicians and nurses) “Okay, then she wants to see Doctor ‘Name’. I’ll put in a request in to the lab, they should give you a call later today.” (Still trying to get a more specific answer, I catch her attention before she leaves reception.) “Just to make sure, under ‘Reason for Visit’, she’s having circulation problems in her legs?”
Teen girl: “Yeah, they should know that. I mean, they saw her before. My aunt just said to come here and make her an appointment with the vein doctor. I don’t know what kind of problem she has. Like, I asked her why, but she was trying to hurry me so she kept saying she has very close veins and the doctor can fix it.”
Me: *blinks and keeps a straight face* ……Ah, okay. I’ll send the request to the lab, and someone should call you in a few hours with the time of the appointment.”

(Although “very close” veins could become an issue, I don’t think varicose veins are caused by circulatory snuggling.)

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