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(I work at a pet store part time. A woman comes in with her small child and dog. She wanders around the store opening up cans of dog food to have her dog sample. Her child runs wild, screaming, climbing on the shelves, pulling out dog beds into the aisles and pretend sleeping on them and just generally being a hellion. Of course the mom says nothing. The dog pees and poops on the floor and the woman doesn’t clean it up despite the fact that there are cleaning stations on almost every aisle. Finally, the child starts tormenting the dog by poking its eyes, pulling its tail, grabbing at it, etc. The poor dog is scrambling to try to get away, but the woman is stepping on its leash practically choking it and not intervening in any way. This is when an employee steps in.)

Employee: *to kid* “You know, your dog wouldn’t try to get away from you if you were nicer to him. Pulling tails and poking him isn’t very nice.”

(The mother’s head finally snaps to attention. She starts yelling at the employee:)

Mother: “How dare you try to parent my child! I’m the parent not you! You have no right to speak to my son!”

(At this point the employee has had enough.)

Employee: “Ma’am, you need to leave.”

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