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(This customer has been known for being obnoxious and lingering around in our really small store. He also always rants about drug legalisation, his animals and doesn’t get that we’re not making products in our “backroom” and that we put some cleansing masks with a very short best before date on ice for a reason.)

Customer: “I bought this mask a month ago and it has already gone bad. You owe me a new one.”
Manager: “I’m sorry, but those are only supposed to last 3 weeks at most. It says that right here.”

(She points to the clearly written due date, which was actually 6 weeks ago!)

C: “But this all natural! The girl said this is a best before date and test I might be abled to use it longer, yet it is already molding.”

(Saying this, he opens the Pot and it has indeed turned into something really nasty)

C: “and now you see why I didn’t want it in my fridge!”

M: “Oh, but it says “keep refridgerated” right here. If you store this at room temperature it-”

C: “I should not have to keep cosmetics with my food! If you can’t produce stuff that lasts, you’ll be losing customers, you know?”

(This goes on for a while. He even demands to go see our manufacturing to make sure it’s clean, despite the fact that not only we, but also customers tell him that there is no way that we would produce all the stuff in the back – especially as there is no backroom except for the litter bins, what we showed him. After a while, he agreed to exchange his not properly stored, over due date and molding product for some soap. My manager picks the mask from the counter and leaves towards the back..)

C: “Wait, what are doing?”

M: “I’ll have to throw this away, as we can’t resell returned products, let alone ones that-”

C: ” I thought you were an eco-friendly company, how can you just throw things away?,”

M: “Listen, this product is a serious danger for peoples health. What do you want me to do?”

C: “Give it to me.”

M: “You just returned it, because you didn’t want it. You received a new product in exchange and I really can’t advise to put this on your, or anybody’s skin.”

C: “But I could use it on my horse!”

(We told him that he won’t leave with the hazardous mask, especially since we exchanged it on our own costs against company policy. He left fuming, ranting about waste, the society – and without his soap. He also never returned.)

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