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I work in a store that sells tea and tea products. Customers can also buy hot or iced tea to drink right away. When making iced tea we usually reccommend that customers have some sweetner in it, as it can end up having a very bitter taste. A man comes in and asks for a tea we have on sample but iced.

Me: Because it’s an iced tea you’re wanting I’d reccommend adding sugar or some sort of sweeter to it as it can get very Bitter
customer: no its fine. I’ve had it before.
Me: okay sir.  That’ll be 3.15, and it’ll be ready in 5 minutes just over there.
5 minutes later the man takes a sip of the tea and spits it on the floor.
Man: this is disgusting. It tastes nothing like the sample. I want a refund.
Me: I’m sorry sir, but we can’t give refunds on food products. But I can remake it for you with sweetner. Or you could choose any other tea to have instead. Even a higher priced one.
Man: I don’t want any of your s***** tea, I just want my d*** money back!
Me: I’m sorry sir but we can’t do that.  It’s company policy.
the man proceeded to open the lid and dump his tea on the floor. He then screamed about how he was going to call my manager and complain.

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