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In my department we often help people who have booked a room through a third party. *We can’t verify that they have a room. We have to direct them back to the third party.*

Me: Let me see if I can pull up your room. May I have your Last name, the name of the hotel, and the date of arrival.

Guest: My Last name is [last name] Its at the [Hotel] and I am coming in on the 25th

Me: Ok, so [First Name]?

Guest: Yes.

*I Open the reservation to see it is a third party booking. The lady has been nice so far, and honestly I am in a good mood. so I “Slip”*

Me: “Ok so I apologize because I will not be able to verify that you are coming into [hotel] for [dates] under [guest’s name]. Because you booked through [Third Party Dealer]

Me: “… Ma’am I-”

Guest: “No! Let me talk to your manager. You are useless.”
*I transferred her to my supervisor… I told him what I said and he laughed. From what he told me he did the same thing. and she got mad and called the third party.*