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(Our library is divided into two sections. The upstairs has all the technology, movies, and all adult material; the basement has the staff room and an extensive kids section, including an entire room devoted to picture books. People tend to work upstairs or downstairs, not both.)

(I was alone downstairs on this day, so the children’s area was unattended while I took my lunch break– timed so I’d be back before school got out. On my return, I hand up my coat, turn around, and stop short.)

Me: Ma’am? Is that… a dog?
Woman: *kneeling on the floor* Yes, of course! Isn’t it a gorgeous day outside?
Me: Ma’am… there are no dogs allowed in the library.
Dog: *darts forward a few paces, teeth bared; I can see now it’s on an extendable leash*
Woman: *eyes widening* Really? No dogs?
Me: No. No dogs. Please take him outside immediately. Woman: Not even small ones?

By this point, her husband has come over and scooped the dog up. I feel free to enter the picture book room, and see a small child, maybe three years old, trailing a toddler-leash, ‘building’ with our preschool-sized chairs.

Me: No. Not even small ones. Please take him outside.
Woman: Can’t I just pick out a few books first?
Me: You may, but one of you needs to take the dog outside first.

It takes a while, but I get the husband to take the dog outside. The woman seems astonished that we wouldn’t let her dog in. Apparently the dozens of signs about ‘No food or drink’, ‘No unsupervised children’, and dozens of rhyming posters about book care and safety don’t cover that!