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(I am working concession and the 7pm rush has begun. This couple are the first of a growing line. They are fighting about what they want and they seem to not be remotely close to a decision. I opt to ask the customer behind them what she would like to order. My manager happens to be right next to me helping me manage the line).
Me: What would you like, ma’am?
Customer One: Why are you taking her order? You looked right at us and decided to help her first? We almost knew what we wanted.
Me: Sir- (He cuts me off).
Customer One: We were here first, and that means you serve us first. Do you have a manager we can speak to?
Manager: Right here, sir.
(At this point, the customer has demanded to speak with my manager privately. While I help other customers, I am not able to hear the entire conversation between the couple and my manager. I do know that my manager defended me).