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Customer Service: [My Name], can you test out this computer?  The customer wants to return it.
Me: Sure. [I ran a few basic tests]… OK, it tests out fine.
Customer Service: Ma’am, I’m sorry but we can’t take this back.  It’s outside the return policy and there’s nothing wrong with it.
Customer: How dare you!  I had to go all the way home just to get the charger for this!
Manager [stepping in]: Ma’am, we could only have taken it back if there was something wrong with it.  But there’s nothing wrong with it and it’s outside the return policy anyway.
Customer: I had to drive all the way home for this!  This endangered the life of my child! He’s sick!  I am a CUSTOMER!
Manager: We cannot take this back. This conversation is over.
Customer: You told me one thing and now your employee is telling me something else.  I KNOW MY RIGHTS!
Manager: We cannot take this back.
Manager: This conversation is over.  Please leave.

Eventually the police were called in… by the customer!  She called 911 to complain that we wouldn’t take her return.