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I just got done a restaurant sized pile of dishes in the back of the store. My manager calls me up to cover one of my co-workers so that they can take a break. I figure why the heck not, I’m tired of dishes anyway.
Once I step foot at front counter there’s this nice looking family wanting to order. I smile and begin to take their order. Somewhere in the middle of this process the mother submerges from the woman’s bathroom. She notifies me that it is disgusting. Taken back by this, as it must have been only an hour since I checked them. Dumbfounded, I say the only thing that comes to my mind. “Oh, ok.” The husband laughs before I could respond further. He then goes “Ha, ha, she doesn’t care.” They then pay and sit at their table.
I wasn’t rude at all, just kind of taken off guard and not as chatty. Right after the incident I do a quick sweep of the bathrooms, unclogging the toilet.  Not long afterwards my manager asks to see me in the office. Of course I follow her. It turns out that very same lady complained how rude I was. What the actual heck? I often get compliments on my service and cheery demeanor. Wow, just wow. Some people just can’t be pleased.

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