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I’ve worked at a clothing store for years that has a laid-back return policy. One night while I was working customer service (where the returns are made) the following occurred.

Customer approaches the counter, while a young man who I’m assuming is her boyfriend hangs back about 15 feet. Not once during this interaction does he say a word.
C: Puts a well used purse up on the counter. “I want to return this purse, as I’ve only had it for 6 months and it’s already falling apart.”
Please note it’s stuffed with her belongings still.
Me: Knowing the answer “Do you have the receipt?”
C: “No! All of your ads say you can do returns without receipts.”
Me: This is true, but we need the credit card on which the item was purchased as well as the upc. “Do you have the card that was used to make the purchase?”
C: “No, I had to cancel it due to that (name of other store) thing.”
Me: You wouldn’t happen to still have the tags to the purse?”
C: Very angrily “Of course not. Your ads say your returns are easy.”
Me: “Unfortunately without a upc I physically can not do a return. You can try seeing if you can find  an identical purse in that department and bring that one up to me”
C: gives me a dirty look and stalks away.
I call my coworker in that department to warn her.
She calls me back about 10 min. later to tell me that she also tried explaining to the girl that I needed a upc and gave her a similar purse to bring up to me.
About 20 min. later she returns with the similar purse. Normally I would have called a manger at this point, but she was busy at the moment so I decided to go ahead and scan the tag on the purse to give the girl a store credit for the lowest sale price.
Me: would you like a bag for your things (meaning the things in the purse she was returning).
C: No
I scan the card and complete the transaction. I wait for the purse before I hand her the store credit.
C: stares at me “You mean I have to give it to you??” referring to the purse she wanted to return.
Me: “Um, yes?”
she then proceeds to ask for the plastic bag I had offered and takes her stuff out before turning and stalking off with her boyfriend trailing her.
I then see my manager and tell her the story. She starts laughing.

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