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(I was a really good cashier when I worked at this particular store. So, I was working the registers when this phone call happened. Note: my store is located in an outside mall.)

Me: Thank you for calling [store name] this is [my name] how may I help you?

Lady: Yeah where are you located?

Me: Across the street from [well-known clothing store] ma’am.

Lady: *clearly irritated* Well I don’t see you!

Me: Are you in the mall ma’am?

Lady: YES!

Me: Are you looking at [well-known clothing store]?

Lady: YES! So where are you?!

(I came to a very sad realization when I asked her this next part.)

Me: Ma’am can you tell me what other stores you see around you?

(She listed off a bunch of stores that aren’t located in my mall, but it another mall that houses a sister store)

Me: Okay ma’am I’m located on the lower level next to [a different well-known clothing store]. Hope to see you soon! *click*

(My customer in line was dying from laughter and I couldn’t help but join in. In all my years of customer service this is probably my favorite phone call ever. I really wish people would pay attention to their surroundings!)

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