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Customer buys an item (not going to say what it is) and is happy with it for just over a month, then he comes into the store again with a friend (possibly backup) and says that he went into an other shop and the guy there said that the item he was using was to short for him….WTF? The customer was happy with it until he went into the other shop. I explained to him that there are similar products that we sell that are the same length and have the same performance, but he just wanted a refund. The refund had to be a little less than the original price as he didn’t bring all of the components back. Not a smart move by the customer, seeing that he made the trip to come to our store. I can’t believe how gullible some people really are (okay, granted this guy wasn’t the brightest light bulb in the pack but come on!). I also can’t believe how other shops can get away by B#@! S@*ting at the customers. I wonder if that shopkeeper believes in Karma?