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(A customer comes to the register with a rice bowl and a bunch of side items. If a bowl is just like rice and beans, then it can be charged at a lower price than a regular bowl, but that doesn’t include sides.)
Me: Okay, so just the bowl and the sides comes out to $7.50.
Customer: I only got rice and beans.
Me: Oh, I saw them put salsa and stuff on there too. Did you not want those?
Customer: No, I did, but I didn’t get a lot. I just got rice and beans and my son’s tacos.
Me: I’m sorry, but if it’s more than just rice and beans, then that’s a bowl. Where are the tacos?
Customer: Then I don’t want it anymore. I’m not paying $7 for rice and beans!
Manager: Is there a problem?
Customer: She’s trying to charge me full price for rice and beans.
Me: It’s more than just rice and beans.
Customer: It’s just a little salsa, it’s not worth $7.
Manager: Please understand sir that we have to draw the line somewhere at what’s a bowl and what’s rice and beans, otherwise it could be anything. (to me) Just charge him for the rice and beans for now.
Customer: And the tacos?
Me: I don’t see any tacos.
Customer: (gestures to the sides)
Manager: Just charge him for each side.
(The $7 bowl price would have included sides. Since he made me charge him for each side individually, the total came out to around $14.)

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