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(We are cleaning up after a day of work at a Martial Arts School. My mother also works here too. The owner is doing an intro with a family in a separate room. A woman, late 50’s to early 60’s, walks in. I overhear the following conversation between the woman and my mother)

Mom: Hi, can I help you?

Woman, staring at picture and short story of owner on the wall: The old owner, is he still alive? ( Note: the owner is in his early 60’s)

Mom: Uh, yeah, he’s actually talking to someone right now.

Woman: Yeah, but the original owner. Is he still alive? Did he pass away?

Mom: Like I said, he’s right in this room, but he’s talking to someone right now, so he isn’t available.

Woman: Where is he from?

Mom: Huh?

Woman: Where is he from? Like, what country?

Mom: He’s from here. He’s from the US.

Woman: Ok, I was just hoping I could enroll my son-in-law.

Mom: Ok, who is he?

Woman: The son of the President of the United States.

(I didn’t hear the rest of the conversation because of my cleaning duties, but the seemingly insane (for lack of a better word; she was very calm and quiet) woman left, without her “son-in-law” getting enrolled. My mother later told this to the owner after his intro.)

Owner: She actually came in here a while ago. She said she wanted to enroll her brother. When I asked who he was, she pointed to Chuck Norris on the wall. (He referred to his photographs of him shaking hands with Chuck Norris on the wall next to spectator’s benches. He just told us that If she came in here again with another lie to tell her to leave and not come back. It’s only been a few days since this happened and I’m waiting for her return.)