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(It is half hour to closing, and a woman comes in with a big, messy stack of papers. Some folded, some stapled, etc.)

Customer: I need these copied.

Me: Ok, do you want to use self serve or leave them with me?

Customer: I want you to do it.

Me: Alright. (I grab an order form and bring it to the counter)

Customer: Oh you’re not going to do it right now?

Me: No I don’t have time. We close in half an hour and I still have orders that are due first thing in the morning that I have to finish.

Customer: But I need them! I need them for a meeting at 9am tomorrow!

Me: Then I would suggest self serve.

Customer: But I can’t! You have to do them!

Me: I’m sorry, I don’t have time. That’s a time consuming order and I have a lot to do tonight still.

Customer: But I can’t!

(Her husband then comes in behind her)

Husband: What are you doing?

Customer: She won’t copy them!

Husband: Well they close in half an hour! I thought we were doing it ourselves!

Customer: But I don’t know how!

Husband: I do!

Customer: But we don’t have a card!

Husband: Yes, we can use my credit card.

Customer: NO you have to use a *store* card! And we don’t have one!

Husband: No, we can use a credit card.

Customer: NO we can’t!

Me: yes you can.

Customer: Oh….

(The whole time that they are in self serve — which was until 5 minutes to close, btw — all I could hear was the wife complaining and being snotty about having to do it herself and how the machines always break down and why couldn’t the girl just do it for us)

(I managed to get my orders done that were due the next morning, and get my closing duties done just in time. If I took her order, the orders due in the morning wouldn’t have been finished)

(The husband was happy and pleasant the whole time, and thanked me when they left)

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