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, | Unfiltered | January 3, 2019

(An elderly customer complains about outside noise. I go through the usual motions of apologizing, investigating, and reassuring her that I would tell my manager about her issue.)

Customer: “Yeah whatever!” *storms off*

(Fast forward a few hours later, when the manager arrives and ask about any problems. I tell her about the elderly customer’s problem, how she yelled, etc. keep in mind that I was speaking in a low voice in a crowded lobby full of guests. Suddenly, the elderly customer rushes at us.)

Customer: *screaming* “How dare you chuckle while talking about me! Disrespectful!”

(She rants about how rude I am…turns out, she heard me through all the people talking with her high tech hearing aid! Now, I’m sure to talk to my coworkers in the back office only. You know know who’s listening…)