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I start by saying that I have worked in a grocery store but I’m a customer in this story.

This happened during the summer in one of the stores I frequent for groceris.
I’m wearing a plain, lightly blue T-shirt which is somewhat similar to what the staff wears but my shirt lacks the name of the store printed on it.
I’m browsing an aisle when I hear a pair of customers trying to find the soft drinks and lemonades. I decide to speak up:
Me: “The aisle your looking for is 180 degreeds in your current direction”.
They turn around and looks in the right direction and spots the aisle.
1st customers: “Thank you”
Directly after the 1st customers have left me I’m approached by another pair of shoppers.
2nd customer: “Hello, where can we find the cleaning products aisle?”
Me: “It’s over here.”
2nd customer: “Thank you”
When they leave I can hear them giggle and realise I’m not working in this store.