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(I was walking through a local store, picking up baking supplies for my baby sister’s birthday when I overhear and older women talking to cashier and notice the older women pointing at me as I get in line to check out. This happens whenever I buy anything unhealthy as I am plus sized. The cashier is trying to brush the women off and just get her through check out. From the look on her face she is clearly not happy with this women insulting me. Due to my severe anxiety and fear of confrontation I normal would say nothing, but after one comment I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut)
Women: No wonder she’s that size, just look at the garbage she’s buying. Kids these days just keep getting fatter and fatter, too lazy to eat healthy and move their asses.
Me: *trying my best to stay calm and not stutter* I couldn’t help but over hear your comments about me. I would just like you to know that I maybe be largers but I do, in fact, “move my ass”. Tuesdays through fridays for five hours each in fact. If you go to [local animal shelter] you’ll likely see me, walking dogs and running with the more energetic ones so we can both get some excersie. As for my weight, I have a disorder that makes it very difficult for my stomach to correctly diggest food, leading to the size I am now. I am, however, very confident with how I look and love my body so making nasty comments about it will not make me likely to change. And this “garbage” I’m buying is for my sisters 3rd birthday and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to keep me from bringing her a cake on her special day.
Women: *stares at me and starts muttering an apology as she sees everyone is now glaring at her for what she said to me*
Me: I don’t want an apology. I just want you to be a decent human being and not comment on someones life when you don’t know their story.
Cashier: Thank you for everything you just said.I was too scared to say anything but thank you so much.
(The older women seems baffled but leaves in a hurry. After that I had to go sit in my car for a while to clam down and stop shaking)

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