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(I work at a cell phone store as a sales rep. A couple and their child, I assume, walk in and head straight to a display of basic phones. They are dressed kind of poorly, and seem hard to approach. After some time, since no other employees seem to want to go up to them, I do and greet them.)

Me: hello welcome to [phone company]! What brings you in today?

Male customer: Yes, I’d like…uh…this one. (Points to our slider phone and smiles a toothless/rotten smile)

Me: Great! Do you have an existing account, or would you like to go over pricing for a new account?

Male customer: No.
(He goes back to touching and playing with the slider phone. By this point the woman and child are playing with different smart phones.)

Me: alright? Well we offer two options to go ahead and get that phone. Are you a new customer? Or should I pull up your account?

Male customer: Oh I don’t want an account here. I have [other phone company]. I just want this phone cuz it’s basic and I hate smart phones.

Female customer: (pointing to an obvious smart phone) Is this a touch screen phone?

Me: …ye-

Male customer: (to his female partner) of course that’s a smart screen touch phone. Use your brain. (To me) Do you have this slider phone in [other phone company] brand, so I can use it at [other phone company]

Me: Well we are [my phone company] so I only have our brand of phones.

Male customer: Oh, well [another phone company] would also work on [his phone company] so do you have any of that brand either?

Me: Again, we are [my phone company]. That means I can set you up with that phone and a new account here in [my phone company] or you can look at another store that isn’t [my phone company].

(They looked at me dumbfounded and turned to play with the phone again before leaving.)

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