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(I work in a popular coffee shop that is located at the back of a popular stationary shop, separated by a small fence. The combination of the two companies is very common across Britain and has been for years. At this point, I am seven months pregnant)

Me (behind tills of coffee shop) Yes Ma’am, what can I get you?

Her – *places order. All is routine at this point*

Me – That will be [total.] Do you have a points card?

Her – *Hands over (stationary shop) discount voucher*

Me – Oh, sorry. This is for (stationary shop) and this is (coffee shop.) We can only accept our own cards as we are a different company.

Her – Well that’s just stupid!! The sign on the door is for (stationary shop) it is not a sign for (coffee shop.) I am in (stationary shop) and I demand to use this voucher!!!

Me – I’m sorry Ma’am, but once you pass the fence, you are in (coffee shop) and can only use the (coffee shop) loyalty card. This voucher is for another company so our tills will not recognise it.

Her – *screaming* I bet you are just doing this because we argued in a past life!! You don’t even have a job!! You are on benefits and you will raise your child to claim benefits!!  I pay my taxes and I pay for you. Your only having a child to claim ( child benefits and tax reductions) and I bet you have more kids at home you unemployed scum!

Me – *I just stand there, silent, in full uniform, working behind a till and there was no precursor to this outburst*

Her – I ordered a hot chocolate! Where is it you stupid woman?

Me – Y-y-y-you need to pay for it. It is [total.]

Her – And now I have to pay! Typical ! Stupid scum!

*She storms out and I stand there reeling*

College – What in the name of all that is holy just happened? Go sit down, I’ll bring you cake!

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