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One night I’m working when I receive this call:
Me:  Thank you for calling [Business]; my name is [name].  How may I help you?
Caller:  Would you like a magazine?
Me:  I’m sorry, what?
Caller (slightly more aggressively):  Would you like a magazine?
(At this time I’m confused.  Why would someone be calling a catalog company to sell a magazine?)
Me:  I apologize; I wouldn’t be the person to talk about potentially adding a catalog to our line-up.
Caller (even more aggressively):  Would you like a [This Business] magazine?
(I’m even more confused at this point.  Why was she harassing me about getting a catalog from the company I work for?)
Me:  I’m sorry.  I don’t understand what’s you need assistance with…
Caller (practically yelling at this point):  One of you all called me at midnight last night and asked if I wanted a magazine!  I don’t want one of your magazines.
(Now I have no clue what she’s talking about.  My company only calls the customer if it’s about a late payment on store credit, and in those cases, we follow the laws and don’t call after a certain time and only so often, etc.  We never “cold call” people.)
The caller continues to harass me, and I’m just wanting her to calm down and maybe get her on the phone with a supervisor to get this sorted.
Me:  Ma’am, if I could-
Caller:  “Ma’am”, “ma’am”!  I ain’t no “ma’am”!
*Call disconnects*
I was still confused.  I just hope she didn’t call back to harass another person.

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