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((My friend’s parents own the local movie theaters and got me a job there young. One day I was closing the movie when a guy in his early thirties came up to me.))

Guy: Hey, is your friend still here?

Me: My friend?

Guy: Yeah, the one that was taking drinks.

Me: Oh no, she already left, sorry.

Guy: That’s OK…can you just give her this.

*Hands me a paper with a list of numbers*

Me: Is…is this your phone number?

Guy: Yeah, can you give that to her and tell her my name’s [guy’s name].

Me: Uh…you know she’s fifteen right?

Guy: Oh, no I didn’t. Well would you…

Me: I’m fifteen too.

*Guy suddenly gets very flustered*

Me: Would you still like me to give it to her?

Guy: No that’s OK, *leaves quickly*

((I told my friend and he later looked him up on facebook.))

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