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(I work at a store that has a bakery inside.  I’m working the register that is close by when I hear this exchange.  Note that I couldn’t hear all of it, just bits.)

Customer: Why is there no coffee in the pots!

Coworker:  We don’t make coffee after 4, sir. (Note: It’s 4:30, and the bakery has free coffee until 4)

Customer:  Why not?!  You should have coffee 24/7!

Coworker:  I’m sorry sir, but that’s the rule.  We also have a Starbucks if you want coffee.

Customer:  Well, you’re stupid!  I’m going to go complain to the manager about you having no coffee.  You have to make more NOW.

Coworker:  You can go and complain, sir, but the managers will agree with me.

Customer:  Well, I’ll just see about that.  (Storms off)

(I wander over, since no one is checking out with me at the moment.)

Me:  You ok?

Coworker:  What was his problem?  ‘You should have coffee 24/7?’  We’re not even open 24/7!  (The bakery operates 9 am to 6 pm.  The store is open from 6 am to midnight.)

Me:  True.

(At this point, a customer comes up to my lane, so I go to help them.  A few moments later, something occurs to me and I wander over again.)

Me:  I just thought of something funny.

Coworker:  What?

Me:  What if the store manager had come up right when that guy had been yelling at you?

(At this, we both start laughing.  Our store manager is tough as nails, and would never have allowed that guy to keep shouting at my coworker.)

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