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(Our Opticians also runs hearing services, sells hearing aids and does tests on people)
Customer 1 is a lady in her 70’s: “Hi there, could I speak to somebody please? My hearing aid is broken.”
Supervisor: “Oh okay, uh have you tried changing the batteries? Making sure its clean and stuff?”
Customer 1: “Don’t be so stupid! Of course I have! I’ve been wearing hearing aids for 20 years! How dare you insinuate that I’m stupid! I am an intelligent person! That is the first thing I did! Open the bloody box! It’s quite obvious that it’s broken”
Supervisor: “Okay, well I’ll get my colleague to have a look, is there anything else we can do for you today?”
(At this point I call up customer 2 who has heard the entire ordeal to the desk to help her, she just wanted to make a payment so I took it.)
Customer 2: (as she left) “And they say it’s the youths of today that are rude”
(I find Customer 1 some batteries for her hearing aids which she purchases, she leaves the hearing aid with us to check and intends to return in half an hour or so)
Another customer who was sat in the waiting area comes up to the desk: “I’d just like to say you guys handled that very very well, she was so loud and rude! Well done! What a cow!”

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