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Me: Hi, what can I help you with today?

Woman: I have a iPad I would like to sell.

Me: Okay, I just need a few details, what model iPad do you have?

Woman: I don’t know.

Me: Do you have it on you so I can look?

Woman: No, I just want a rough price.

Me: Alright, I will have to ask you some questions, do you know the model number?

Woman: No.

Me: The memory size? 16GB? 32GB?

Woman: No.

Me: How long have you had it? did you buy it new?

Woman: No idea.

Me: Do you know the colour?

Woman: No.

Me: How can you not know the colour? With out any more information there is not much I can do.

Woman: All I know is that its a iPad an Apple iPad.

Me: Is it even yours?

Woman: Yes.

Me: And all you can tell me is its an Apple iPad?

Woman: Yes, can you guess how much it is worth?

Me: 10p? 20p? I have no idea as I know nothing about the item and you don’t either.

Woman: Well ain’t you useless.

Me: Okay, well I have done as much as I can with what you have told me so I am only as useless as the information you have given me, we are done, goodbye.

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