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(I work for a chain coffee shop so naturally we throw out a lot of product. In an effort to reduce waste, we sell reusable cups.)

(a man and women approach)

Me: Hi! What can I get for you today?
Woman: I would like a medium chai latte.
(I ring her up and make the drink. I begin ringing up the man)
Me: Yes mam?
(The woman proceeds to pull a reusable cup out of her purse)
Woman: can you put my drink in here?
Me: well I actually have already finished your drink.
Woman: but can’t you put it in here?
Me: well I could but that negates the purpose of the cup you have. I already used a cup and your drink is in it.
Woman: but why can’t you just put it in my cup?
Me: because then I have to throw that cup in the trash and the whole reason you bought that cup is null and void.
Woman: I guess I’ll do it myself then and throw it in the trash.

(I let her walk away and finish ringing the man through. The mans change goes everwhere at one point. My mind had been blown.)