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(I work in a cheap shop. Everything is under a pound unless there is a sign stating otherwise. Also the price of everything we sell, it’s the name of the store. Pretty simple concept. We also have no say in our stock. What you see on the shelves in what you get. And yet I still get the stupid questions)
Customer 1: How much is this?
Me: Everything here is 99p unless marked otherwise.
Customer 1: Well there are no signs on anything to tell you that!
(There are literally signs on every shelf and a big one on the front of the store.)
Customer 2: Can I get this chocolate for 60p?
Me: No ma’am it’s 99p.
Customer 2: What about this chocolate?
Me: No.
(Repeated conversation)
Customer 3: Do you have any of those individual rice pots?
Me: Not currently sir.
Customer 3: Well can you say that a customer has complained?
Me: Sir, we have no control over our stock.
Customer 3: Well can you at least ask?
(What makes Customer 3 worse? He comes in every few weeks, somehow finds me and complains to me, even when I’m leaving for my break!)