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(I work in a very popular department store. It has been an incredibly busy Saturday afternoon close to Thanksgiving, and the line seems to not be letting up any. My coworkers and I ring up customers as quickly as possible. This happens after a ring up a customer’s purchase, with still quite a long line to go.)

Me: “Have a good day. Next!”

(One woman frantically cuts from the back of the line to the front, shoves the next customer’s purchase off the counter, and puts her bag on the counter.)

Woman: “I need to return these clothes right now!”

Coworker: “Lady, I saw you cut. Get outta here.”

Woman: “Shut up! I don’t need your opinion! You, ring up this return!”

Me: “Absolutely not! That was incredibly rude and you need to not only apologize, but to also return to the back of the line now.”

Woman: “No! I’ve been waiting in this store for half an hour to return these, and everywhere else is packed! I have places to be!”

Customers in line (out of sync): “You think we don’t?!” “Get back in line, lady!”

Next customer: “I won’t accept your apology even if you gave it. Now, get to the back of the line!”

Woman: “That’s it! Call your manager!”

(I call for a manager, and they arrive within seconds with a security guard.)

Security Guard: “Miss, let’s go.” [He motions to the door that leads out to our main parking lot.]

Woman: “No! I need to return these! This asshole right here won’t do as I asked, and this other jackass won’t let me go first!”

Customers in line: “Kick her out!” “She needs to go!”

Manager: “We have seen the whole thing and you’re causing a disturbance. Please leave with this gentleman here.”

(The security guard picks up the woman’s bag, and the woman is escorted out kicking and screaming.)

Manager: “Thank you all for your understanding! [Me], continue.”

Me:” Thank you, [Manager].” [to the next customer in line] “I see she damaged one of your items as she knocked it off the counter. Let me grab you a new one off the shelf really quick.”

Customer: “Thank you, I appreciate it.”

Me: “No problem at all.”

(I come back with the product they were purchasing, and continue ringing up customers. The manager and I get great reviews from at least half of the customers in the very long line. Best part about this is I found out the next day that the security guard had a police officer out front waiting for her, and she tried assaulting them as well. She was arrested.)

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