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(I work at a company that offers cable and internet service. We recently came out with a service similar to Netflix.)

Customer: So tell me about [service].

Me: Okay. Well right now it is available as a streaming service, through you’re computer or tablets. It is $4 a month but the first month is free. You sign in with your email and password and can watch whatever content they have there. Later this week they are supposed to be launching it on our Ondemand through your tv as well.

Customer: So I can use my tv to watch it? and how do I access it?

(I go through the steps that would be needed to access it through the tv once it is available and stress a few times that it will only be available later in the week. He adds the service and I think that is the end of the conversation.)

An hour later a call comes in…

Customer: So i just added [service]. But I can’t find it on my Ondemand…

Me: The Ondemand for that service is only going to be available later this week…

Customer: Oh, okay…*hangs up*


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