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( I work at a pizza place taking phone orders, this has to be the strangest. I started working a year ago from the day this situation happened)
Me: hai [ Pizza place], how can I help you?
Lady: what’s your minimum order for delivery.
Me: Sorry?
Lady: What’s. Your. Minimum. Order. For. Delivery.
Me: that’s an interesting question…ummm…
Lady: I don’t see what’s difficult about this!!! Minimum, as in MONEY!
Me: well, its a difficult question I’ve never been asked before…
Lady:  ( annoyed sigh)  Just a large with pepperoni. Was that difficult?!?
Me: (takes order) …phone number please
Lady: ( blurts out her phone number followed by address in the same annoyed tone)
Me: ( takes information down) about an hour to an hour 15…have a nice…( I hear the dial tone)…. day
( I kinda just stand by the phones for 2 minutes wondering what happened)
Coworker: you okay, [Me]?
Me: …I was just asked what our minimum order was and didn’t know how to proceed because I didn’t know what they wanted…and they yelled at me.
Coworker: …what kinda question is that?! Minimum order?!
Me: ya…so…she finally ordered a large with pep….
Coworker: is mind reading part of the job description?
Me: …seems like it should be