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(A clearly very exhausted man walks into the lobby)

Guest: “Hello, I’m Mr. Smith. I’d like to check in now.”

Me: “I have your reservation right here, but it looks like I need your phone number.

Guest: “Oh, okay. My phone number? It’s uh… uh… Hmm. Ah jeez! Hmmm… Uh. It starts with a two. Uhhh two…zero….uhhh. Uhh… six? Uhm. Two, zero, six. No, that can’t be right…”

Me: “…sir?”

Guest: “I’m sorry, I’m drawing a blank! It’s the road head!”

(Guest realizes then what he just said and turns beet red)

Guest: “Road head! You know, because I’ve been driving on the road all day! Just been staring at the road all day! My brain is mush!”

Me: “No need to explain sir!”

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