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, | Unfiltered | December 19, 2018

Do I have a sign on me that says “fight me” or something?!?!?

A Swagfag come into the store that I was in at the time thought he was some kind of hot shot because his dad owns a car dealer or something big… he came in cutting through lines making a fuse cause they didn’t have the things he likes even pushed over an old man cause he was “too slow”…. so then he bumps into me and goes “Move fatass”

“What did you say?!” in a heavy pitch, he says “Go eat a hamburger or what ever fat people do” and pushes me with what I think was with force…. couldn’t tell…
At this point I just felt so much anger I punched him with the box of wheat-a-bix I was holding and boy did he fly….. his father comes in and sees what happened, Of course he get mad and points fingers, thank god the manager was there otherwise I would have flipped my lid, cameras caught the whole thing so the guy claming he’s gonna sue or something just walked away while holding he’s wheat covered son and yelling out of the store. manager tells me I don’t need to pay for the box and gave me a redbull as thx.

Fucking swaggets I swear… and to make it worse…. I forgot to get another box of wheat-a-bix…..

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