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[A customer has been waiting at our pick-up counter (which has a seldom-used register on it, along with a sign that says “next register, please”) for several minutes, unnoticed because we’re understaffed that shift and in the middle of a huge rush. I go over to help them, assuming something was wrong with their order]

Me: Hi! Can I help you?

Customer: Yeah! I’ve been standing here waiting to order for almost ten minutes!

Me: Oh, I’m sorry, this counter is for pick-up only. The line to order is down there.

Customer: [annoyed] Well don’t you think you should have a sign or something?

Me: [slowly points at large, bright pink sign hanging above that clearly says “pick-up”]

Customer: Oh. Well you shouldn’t keep a register down here if you’re not going to have it open! [stomps off to join the line]