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(I work at a well known sandwich franchise. We offer a special type of sandwich, which is just meat and cheese. Corporate does not allow us to put on any sauces or veggies, only extra meat or cheese. We offer mayo and mustard packets for no extra charge)

*phone rings

Me: *Answers* Thank you for calling ‘sandwich shop’ how may I help you?

Customer: Yes I’d like to place an order for delivery.

Me: Okay, can I have your name and address?

Customer: It’s ‘name and address’.

Me: Okay what can I get for you?

Customer: I’d like a ‘special sandwich’ with mayo.

Me: Unfortunately I can’t add sauce, but we can throw in some mayo packets, is that okay?

Customer: What do you mean?

Me: The ‘special sandwich’ only allows me to put on extra meat or cheese, I can’t put on  any toppings.

Customer: But I only want mayo.

Me: I’m sorry but corporate policy won’t allow me to do that.

Customer: You mean I have to put the mayo on myself?!

Me: Well yes, but the mayo packets are no extra charge. If you want the mayo you can get ‘regular sandwich’ but it will cost slightly more.

Customer: But I shouldn’t have to do that. It’s your job. You should put it on for me.

Me: Ma’am I’m sorry but that’s all I can do for you.

Customer: But last time ‘coworker’ got the same thing with mustard on it!

(This is a business we deliver to frequently and we’ve never had problems with them. We also deliver these types of sandwiches and all follow the policy.)

Me: Ma’am I’m sorry but we’ve never done that.

Customer: I want to speak to your manager.

Me: Ma’am he’s going to tell you the same thing. We cannot add toppings but we can throw in some packets for you.

Customer: So you’re telling me you’re willing to lose a customer because you won’t put may on my sandwich?

(I’m having a bad day and am stressed with school, loans, and life after graduation that I’m not ready to deal with this.)

Me: *Losing it* If it’s with people like you, then yes. I have offered you alternate options that everyone else is okay with. None of your coworkers have every had problems with this, not even ‘boss’. So since you think you’re too good to put on your own mayo, I will not be helping you.

Customer: *Flabbergasted* Well…. whatever. I’m never calling. GOODBYE.

Me: *Hangs up* F***ing b****

Manager: What?

Me: S***

(I turn around and learn my manager and area manager were right behind me the entire time. Luckily both my managers agreed with me and have both known me to be a good employee for 4 years. They let me off phone duty and let me focus on other tasks instead.)

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